Personal Background

When I think of childbirth I’m filled with awe and wonder for the incredible miracle that it is. The transformation the baby goes through from living inside the womb to living outside and breathing air is amazing. And just as amazing is the transformation a woman and her partner go through as the ones who bring forth life. Over the years my favorite part of working with families is walking alongside them as they grow closer together and helping them to embrace the challenges and joys of welcoming a baby and raising a family.

I grew up in northern Wisconsin, lived abroad for a short time and then settled down to raise our children there and learn midwifery for many years. My apprenticeship began in 1995. I became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in 2005 and a Licensed Midwife (LM) in WI in 2007. And now, as of September 2020 a Licensed Midwife in Hawai’i as well! Thanks to everyone who supported the legislation to license midwives here in Hawai’i.

My second language is French, and my other specialties include massage and hydrotherapy as well as Depression and Anxiety Recovery and I’m a Chaplain. For more about my specialized training and certifications please see my Informed Disclosure of Midwifery.

Besides midwifery, I enjoy living and being outdoors, taking care of growing things and looking after people and this beautiful planet. I’m often helping out in the classroom and in the garden, teaching everything from science to swimming, cooking, natural remedies and herbal preparations, as well as facilitating grief support groups in the community and local schools.

Whenever I can find the time and resources, I go to Haiti to work with Midwives For Haiti. There we work towards improving health care; focusing on improving maternal mortality rates and birth outcomes. Haiti is one of the most resource-poor countries in the western hemisphere, but I find it beautiful and intriguing. I speak French, which is one of their official languages and I now have friends there. With financial donations we sponsor children to go to school who couldn’t go otherwise, and we have sponsored a Haitian midwife, Juslene Regulus, by paying her salary so she can continue to be on the ground working all year long. You can read about Juslene here:

I’m happily married to Keith Hatcher, the head teacher and principal at Kahili Adventist School. He keeps me laughing and playing outside. We live in Kapa’a and we have 4 grown children who we adore.

Here are some of the organizations that I support:


Midwifes for Haiti

Human Milk 4 Human Babies – Hawaii Milk