Marie-Lys & Austin’s Birth Story

BacchusMarie-Lys&Austin“Leah was our midwife for the birth of both our sons. With our first son, I labored at home for a long time but had to transfer to the hospital. Leah was there every step of the way, and easily slipped into a doula role once we transitioned to the hospital. Even in the hospital, I was so thankful to have her there, encouraging me, talking to the doctors about my preferences, and just being an all-around-awesome support person. With our second son, I was able to water-birth him at home as was my wish! Leah was once again so encouraging and so competent all the way through. After having such a hard first-birth experience, I was very afraid of the delivery process and got discouraged several times during my second (but thankfully shorter!) labor — yet as always, Leah was so gentle, patient, and cheerful. She always believed I could do it, and she helped me believe it too. It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t wished for a better midwife than Leah!!” — Marie-Lys

“As a doctor trained in Family Medicine, I knew plenty about delivering babies in the hospital, but almost nothing about home births. When Marie-Lys began to express interest in working with a midwife towards a goal of home birth, I was quite nervous about it — until I met Leah. She answered all of my questions about safety and statistics, and provided me with many valuable educational resources which helped me accept this concept for our own low-risk pregnancy. The pre-natal care was thorough, and Leah’s calm capable nature brought so much peace to both of our deliveries. Participating in the water-birth of our second son was as intimate an experience as I can imagine for a natural childbirth. It was unexpectedly wonderful to never need leave our own bedroom during the birth of our son, all under the caring and qualified eye of Leah, our midwife.” — Austin

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